ABS/TRAC OFF Kit (Harness Only)
ABS/TRAC OFF Kit (Harness Only)

ABS/TRAC OFF Kit (Harness Only)

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Only for 2010-19 4Runners with factory locker ! 

2010-19 / This Kit only includes the ABS/TRAC OFF Control Harness. Dash Switch and Fuse Box Cover not included.  

All Makes 2020+ still under testing



add ABS/TRAC OFF Dash Switch

add Fuse Box Cover



  • 2010 - 2019 4runner TRD Offroad / TRD Pro
  • 2010 - 2014 4runner Trail Edition
  • 2020 + still under testing


When off-roading at higher speeds of say 10mph and up. When needing to make a sudden stop, your abs system can get confused and not actually help you stop.  

ABS was designed to keep wheels from locking up.  In the world of daily driving on pavement, this technology has helped prevent many accidents. Locked-up wheels can no longer steer the vehicle.  ABS helps to keep the wheels turning so you can steer and possibly avoid colliding with something or running off the road.  ABS has proven to make driving safer. 

When it comes to Off-roading?  Now that’s a different story.  When on dirt or gravel or similar, all that loose gravel acts like little marbles and you will have very little traction between tires and ground. In this case, all 4 wheels will try to lock up but ABS will prevent this and now you won’t be able to stop quickly.  

When you disable the abs, you can now push the brakes in and lock the wheels up, in turn, the tires will now dig into the dirt, gravel, etc, and quickly stop the vehicle.  If you search the offroad forums this is a known issue that abs is a big no-no for off-roading especially if you are off-roading at high speeds. 


Download: How to install PDF


20% restocking fee (no exceptions ) 

“Important shipping / insurance info:  if you don’t choose more insurance to cover the cost of whatever you are buying and it is lost or damaged to the point where a claim is being made    I will only cover $100 worth as that is the amount they only cover!   You have been warned “

ATTENTION Canadian customers !! If you chose UPS as your shipping option , there are times where UPS will impose an import fee!   I don’t know how they determine the cost but some customers are stating $100-$120 US dollars which is ridiculous!  I have no control over it once it leaves me and enters Canada   I think it’s a government fee they are charging UPS in which some one has to pay !  You have been warned   There’s always DHL option and USPS   

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