KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters
KDSS front sway bar end adapters

KDSS front sway bar end adapters

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 please read below before purchasing  !!

IF YOU DONT HAVE THE BILLET CLAMPS TO LOCK IN THE SWAY BAR FROM SHIFTING, I really recommend to buy those over these first and or buy both at same time if feasible!!   The reason is because if you have failing factory rubber straps ( what the billet clamps replace), these adapters actually will make it easier for the sway bar to shift since there’s less / no bind in the bushing angle at the outer bushings ! 

( sold as a pair ( driver and passenger side)  made from 7075 aircraft grade billet aluminum.  Version 1 ( v1.0 discontinued) made from chromoly ! 

please allow 36 -48 hours to fulfill!Can not be combined with front KDSS drop spacer! Both the drop spacer and these adapters push the sway bar forward. Using both will have the sway bar too much forward and crashing into the front crossmember / skid plate.  Not only that , the kdss drop spacer also drops it.  This was Designed for around the 2” + suspension lift on kdss equipped 2010-22 4runner / gx460 / prado150  ( gx470 option is available as well.  Please select the proper model) that has a bad bushing angle.   If the bushing angle is not that off   I wouldn’t worry about getting these adapters.  

Designed for stock kdss like mounts on lower control arms.  
High grade anodizing on all for superior protection  


-allows the suspension to cycle cleaner as there’s no bind in the bushings under suspension cycle
- keeps the sway bar up nice and high away from skid plate 
- corrects the bad bushing angle.
- extends the life of bushings.
- easier to re-install when changing bushings( so the ppl who don’t work on their own vehicle won’t be surprised that you have different bolts from being stripped out 😂. It’s common for a technician to not understand the system and force bolts on or off with out proper steps). 
- allows full droop when you have extended travel or long travel setup ( total chaos +2 LT for KDSS).
- lightens up the spring rate on the front sway bar. 
- creates a more stout floor jack point.

Kdss was never designed to have the suspension raised / lifted.  When you introduce a suspension system that raises the ride height, the bushing(s) at the lower control arm(s) get into a bad angle and the bushing(s) binds up.  This accelerates the wear of the bushing(s) which eventually you will have metal on metal contact with the sway bar and bushing bracket.   These KDSS sway bar end adapters correct that bad bushing angle and will extend the life of the bushing for many many 10’s of thousands of miles. Possibly longer.  

Inherently, when a suspension or lift kit is added , some shocks allow for a more travel … ie extended travel and or long travel.   As the front suspension is raised or it droops out under the suspension cycle , the front kdss sway bar swings back towards the motor. If you have enough suspension down travel, the hard link not only gets into a bad angle, it also will contact the frame in some cases, putting your down travel to a dead stop as the system can no longer swing back.  The passenger side will run out of down travel because of the fixed-length link.   The driver's side doesn’t because it has a shock that can extend down.  These KDSS bushing adapters push the sway bar forward away from the frame so there’s no contact allowing more droop.  


V2 Install

V1 Install


What’s included :

- (2x) adapters - (2x) m12x1.25x40 flange head bolt - (2x) m12x1.25x 20mm flange head bolt - (2x) m12x1.25x 25mm cap head bolts 

Factory bushing bracket bottom hooks must be cut off.


15% restocking fee (no exceptions ) 

“Important shipping / insurance info:  if you don’t choose more insurance to cover the cost of whatever you are buying and it is lost or damaged to the point where a claim is being made    I will only cover $100 worth as that is the amount they only cover!   You have been warned “


ATTENTION Canadian customers !! If you chose UPS as your shipping option , there are times where UPS will impose an import fee!   I don’t know how they determine the cost but some customers are stating $100-$120 US dollars which is ridiculous!  I have no control over it once it leaves me and enters Canada   I think it’s a government fee they are charging UPS in which some one has to pay !  You have been warned   There’s always DHL option and USPS   

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