KDSS Control Harness Kit (Harness Only)
KDSS Control Harness Kit (Harness Only)

KDSS Control Harness Kit (Harness Only)

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2020+ out of stock    Expected to be back in stock end of March 2023



Please make sure you choose the correct year 2010-19 or 2020+ 

“If you have a failed kdss system.  This does not get rid of the error code / displayed message for kdss malfunction   “

PRICE INCREASE TO $165 starting January 1st 2023!! 

 Please allow 24-48 hours to fullfill

This Kit only includes the KDSS Control Harness. Dash Switch and Fuse Box Cover not included.  (if you have a prado, please contact me as i need a picture of your kdss connector.  Some models will take the 2010-2019 and some take the 2020+)

add KDSS Dash Switch

add Fuse Box Cover


If you want the most out of your 2010- present 4runner and/or gx460 (Prado 150 as well) with kdss, then you want our kdss control unit.  Comprised of OEM Toyota main connector, OEM match colored wires, OEM connector pins, and high quality highly detailed 3D printed resin connector.(no such thing as factory matting connector so don’t be fooled by the competition)

This system is plug-and-play for the most part. The most important part that is plug and play is the kdss connector/ kdss computer engagement. There are some simple crimping to do as you will need to connect the kdss control harness to either a dash switch (full kit) or if you already own a switch module like a switch pro you can use that to trigger the kdss control harness.

Every kdss control harness is QC tested before it ships to the customer. 

This item Sold in two variants.  

  1. with a custom factory, fit LED lighted switch (amber)  manufactured by AirOnBoard out of Australia
  2. just the control harness itself which can be connected to any switch.

What is KDSS and why do I need control over it?

From the factory your 2010- present 4runner and/or gx460 with kdss above 12mph, the sway bar is active just like any normal sway bar.  Under 12mph, the valves in the hydraulics system open up allowing the sway bar to articulate with the suspension.  While kdss setup offers awesome high speed cornering , especially on the pavement, in many cases it can be really stiff. Our kdss control setup allows you to open the valves up in the kdss hydraulic system allowing the sway bar to be less active and allowing the sway bar to articulate with the suspension over the set speed of 12mph from the factory.   In turn you will have less of the road/ trail transfer through the cab and not shake it so violently.  Although we only recommend to use for offroad, there are many cases where you can safely use it on road.  Example would be in town where their might be a lot of uneven pavement , pot holes etc.  when you want to have the sports car handling, just hit the switch to go back into stock mode.  

Check out our install on Trail4runner.com

2020+ vehicles will get a kdss malfunction error on the screen, all you need to do is hit ok and be on your way

“helps prevent or fix kdss lean” user must use most of the time and drive aggressively every so often ! 

15% restocking fee (no exceptions ) 

“Important shipping / insurance info:  if you don’t choose more insurance to cover the cost of whatever you are buying and it is lost or damaged to the point where a claim is being made    I will only cover $100 worth as that is the amount they only cover!   You have been warned “


ATTENTION Canadian customers !! If you chose UPS as your shipping option , there are times where UPS will impose an import fee!   I don’t know how they determine the cost but some customers are stating $100-$120 US dollars which is ridiculous!  I have no control over it once it leaves me and enters Canada   I think it’s a government fee they are charging UPS in which some one has to pay !  You have been warned   There’s always DHL option and USPS   

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